Morag will be honest and say that she probably is not what you would expect your average Conservative woman to look like or be like. She might be a bit too flash, too loud and doesn’t have enough hair to hold back in an Alice-band. But don’t let appearances fool you Morag is about as Conservative as they come.

In fact it was the constant harping of a friend who said “Get with the programme woman the only thing Labour about you is……..well nothing really”, that made me decide that I’d best come out of the closet and hold my hand up. I must say it has been a truly liberating experience! I don’t have constant arguments with my friends anymore about all sorts of cack-handed government policies – because most of them aren’t talking to me.

I have been told that this conversion is something to do with upcoming menopause (well Morag has not yet reached that stage thank you very much). I have been told I am going Blue because maybe I think it’s a good way to meet men (well I don’t know, is it? I would doubt that). I have been told that it is the side-effect of my current predeliction for absinthe, the blue-fairies are taking me away:)

It is none of that – it’s the fact that when I started questioning what I believed in and matching it up with ‘Who says what’ I realised that everything I believe in can be found in Conservative ideaology and matched up with programmes that stand a chance of working. I know a lot of you reading this will think “Who gives a rat’s backside what this madwoman thinks?” – You need to.

If you are a dyed-in-the-wool Conservative looking to get back the reins of this country, I am EXACTLY who you need to care about. Why? Because I am in the majority of people in this country. I am Sensible. I am Reasonably well-educated. I am Concerned. And most importantly of all I am seriously disenchanted. I want my life to work. I don’t want someone to take care of me – I want free rein to take care of myself.

You want to get back in power and have the nation behind you – court me. Actually don’t court me, because that would mean that you might be tempted to come up with all sorts of “ideas” like going on Jonathan Ross to catch my attention – I have to say you almost lost me that night.

Don’t court me – but don’t ignore me either. I might not look like you, I might not dress like you but I am you. You might think we won’t laugh at the same things (but you’d be surprised). We holiday in the same places, my son goes to school with yours. But you know what even if none of this were true – underneath all the trappings we use in this country to show which tribe we belong to is the fact that you and I believe in the same things.

We believe in ourselves. We believe we’re smart enough and capable enough to run our own lives. We don’t want anyone telling us what to do. We believe in being honest even when it hurts. So come sit down and have a cup of tea and a biscuit with Morag, well you have the tea and the bisuit I’ll have an absinthe. We’ll talk and I’ll tell you how to win my heart.

I’ll give you one free tip before we start this conversation – Wee Willie. He is what got me looking at the Conservatives in the first place. The man is (in my humble opinion and Morag knows these things) one of the finest politicians the country has to offer. I watched his conference speech and when he said ‘Real change comes from the individual’ I threw my leopard print cushion into the air and shouted bravo. At the end of his speech I was standing on the side of the bed (Morag likes a lie-in on Sunday’s if she’s not at church) and I had tears streaming down my face. Don’t tell me he had his chance blah-blah-blah, his time is yet to come.

You don’t want him to be PM, fair enough, but get him out there selling the party. His speech was the best explanation/endorsement for what We (I like the sound of that – Morag says “we” with the Conservatives), for what We are all about. You want people to understand from which lofty dale we hail -let’s show them our Willie! Till next….



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2 responses to ““FOR THE LOVE OF WEE WILLIE”

  1. b

    The problem is…I can never forgive them for what they did to destroy schools in this country, and the health service, and they sold all the transport services to their friends, plus the water and electricity.

    So don’t be fooled by these people. They may look and sound nice. But they are NOT. What we have may be far from perfect. But lets not rush back in haste to a bunch of people who screwed this country for 18 years and who now say…well its not our fault.

    When they have power they abuse it.

  2. “forgive” – there is no place for those sorts of emotions in politics. That is part of the problem – we don’t elect a bunch of nice relatives and friends to take care of us. We elect people, some of whom we may loathe – to run the business of our country. If you want some to hold your hand and be nice to you then volunteer at the local senior citizen’s centre πŸ™‚

    “When they have power they abuse it” – therein lies the problem. We have got to stop electing people then handing all responsibility for our lives over to them. Hold onto your power then no one can abuse it.

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