Twitchin In The Tesco – How Hamza Made Me Cry

RIGHT….we all know that Morag is a bit of a ranter. Always been that way. Papa Dearest said “If you’re going to have an opinion make sure it’s a strong one” and Morag has made a career out of it. However every now and then something happens and it goes behind the normal ‘let’s debate this point’ facade and just slams you right in the gut. Abu Hamza did that to me tonight.

I ran out to the Tesco to get some bananas for the porridge and go for a wee drive in the drizzle with the convertible top down – keeps me calm. Wander in to the local Tesco to greet the screaming headlines “Hamza’s Buy-To-Let Scandal Is Exposed”. Immediately I start twitching. Real Estate is a very sore subject with me nowadays as the Mindbender household has decreased by one and Morag wants to move with the sprog to an area where a cappuccino is within easy reach and there are pretty people strolling by. It might also be nice to live close enough to the child’s school that his school bag doesn’t come round on a conveyor belt and he doesn’t get served a meal and a snack on his journey. In good Conservative tradition Morag plans on solving this problem herself. She will work harder, invest better. She will pray, Cosmic Order and go on one less exotic holiday to provide the kind of home she wants because she believes you’re supposed to take care of yourself.

WELL WHY THE HELL BOTHER. Why the hell am I doing all this if the likes of Abu Hamza can sit in prison wheeling and dealing with all the panache of a Channel4 property guru? Why am I working all the hours that God sends trying to stand on my own two feet when this b*st*rd gets to come to our country, try to blow it up and kill its citizens, oh and let’s give him a wee investment fund as well. Supposedly his family collects almost £700. a week of my money? What is that about? I have to say that this one has gotten Morag where she lives………..or maybe where she doesn’t live.

I don’t know who is responsible for this travesty but I intend to find out. And when I do I am bringing them down………….Morag is mad and in true warrior style she doesn’t get mad – she gets even. So for all the reasons why we want Labour out the rest of you can campaign for and against taxes, Iraq, interference, NHS, whatever you like but leave Herr Hamza to me. He and whoever allowed this has made me cry and Morag doesn’t do ‘cry’ ……….


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