Welcome to the Real World Kiddies:Top-Up Fees

Felicitations to all who enquired as to Morag’s health and whereabouts this past week. She has been in Devon walking the moors and contemplating the state of the universe. Back in town and all fired up! Firstly……………

I am sick to the backteeth of all this whingeing about top-up fees. Dragging themselves around Central London in their £400. worth of scruffy mufti, with their £200 iPods sticking out their backpockets. These students petulantly drone on and on about whether or not it is right to be asked to contribute towards the costs of their education – lazy little so-and-sos!

Welcome to the real world. It is about time they grow up and learn that in life you get what you pay for and there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Why the H-E-hockeysticks shouldn’t they be paying for their education? Because their parents didn’t? Sorry that is not a good enough reason. We now live in the 21st century. Degrees are 10 a penny; everyone (just about) has one and frankly they are almost not worth the paper they’re printed on. As someone who has spent the past month trying to find a decent plumber who doesn’t charge £100. an hour I would suggest that if money is so important to some of these kids that they take a pass on Media-Studies in Pan-African Nations and learn how to wrap their hands around a stop-cock………

So we all need to have a degree – fair enough – but what’s wrong with paying for it. Should I stroll into Harvey Nicks and demand a new £4,000 Balenciaga handbag for £40 and say ‘Well that’s how much mummy paid for hers?” I don’t think so……..

Get with the programme Young People. Yes some of the best things in life are free but that mainly applies to rainbows and puppies’ noses and smiles and all that folderol. An education is now a necessity and you’ve got to pay for it and that’s that.

A recent survey of world-class educational establishments determined that Harvard University in Boston is number one. Yearly costs are approximately $37928 – or £19995.78. The Number 2 and 3 are Cambridge and Oxford Universities on our own fair shores where the tuition fees are between £3,300 and £5,000 per year. Do you get the feeling that top-up fees should probably be £10k rather than £3k (but that’s another conversation entirely). Keep in mind that we are talking about Cambridge and Oxford not (and no disrespect intended to any graduates of the about-to-be-mentioned establishments) Guadalajara University or K-Mart Home Studies Diploma Course.

When I first moved here about 15 years ago I used to think what a blessing it was that the top education was on offer to all and sundry for such a paltry sum. Now that I’ve lived here long enough to observe student life under a microscope I say get the lazy so-and-so’s out there and make them pay for it. They will think nothing of being in TopShop spending 3k in a year. They will nothing of spending 3k in a year at the local Bull and Bollocks pub. They will go on holiday twice a year and spend a total of 3k on booze, babes/boys but pay for part of your education!! Boo-hoo don’t ask us to do that it will ruin our lives. No it won’t and welcome to The Real World………….



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2 responses to “Welcome to the Real World Kiddies:Top-Up Fees

  1. Personally, I dont understand how people dont get this but thats another story

  2. That makes me so happy to hear!!! Good luck

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