It’s NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS!!!! Keeping your medical records private

Where do we even begin on this one? 250,000 smart cards issued to Mr. All-and-Sundry and Mrs. God-only-knows-who so they can find out what I’ve been treated for, which conditions I suffer from, how old I am and worst of all how much I weigh? I think not………….

Have these people also considered the fact that measures such as this will make a lot of people think twice about receiving treatment for fear of being found out. We already spend millions on people who have postponed seeking treatment until their conditions are so serious that correcting them becomes a more expensive and complicated proposition. What happens when instead of going too late they opt to not go at all? It will cost us and it will cost us big time.

Of all the STUPID ideas that have been mooted re the NHS, this one might win the prize. So get out your pens and papers darlings and repeat after me:
The Secretary of State for Health
Richmond House
79 Whitehall Terrace
London SW1A 2NS
(And send the same letter to your GP)
Dear Sir/ Madam
I require you not to begin processing my sensitive personal data to the proposed NHS Summary Care Record on the Spine. It is likely to cause me substantial unwarranted distress because:
1. No ‘sealed envelopes’ yet exist to limit access
2. No online patient system yet exists to correct errors
3. Data uploaded may include genetic, psychological or sexual information
4. It is intended to make my data available to social workers, researchers and commercial firms
5. My consent will not be asked before beginning processing
6. Adequate criminal penalties against abuse do not yet exist
7. Police and other agencies can gain access to a potentially unlimited range of information about me. There is abundant evidence that computer databases – including police, vehicle licensing and banking computers – are routinely penetrated by private investigators on behalf of clients, including media organisations
8. 250,000 smart cards have been issued granting access to the Spine
9. The department threatens to withhold appropriate medical care to objectors
10. Doctors say there is no necessity to design the Spine in this way
For these reasons, among others, I strongly fear that I am in danger of having false or damaging health information fall into the wrong hands. My privacy is being unnecessarily violated.
Yours faithfully,
Ms. Morag Mindbender

If these people thing we’re going to sit still for this one they really do have another thing coming!



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5 responses to “It’s NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS!!!! Keeping your medical records private

  1. Ray

    In total agreement there, Morag, well, almost. Point 6 about ‘adequate criminal penalties’. We have more criminal laws in our penal code than we know what to do with. No need for any more.

    On the general privacy issue, I am 100 per cent with you. In fact, because that is so strong an argument against this ‘scheme’, I would not even seek to add another reason. On that one ground alone (ie our privacy is paramount, and no business of the State), this idea should be dismissed.

    But will it? This Government has a rapacious appetite for two things, a) our money b) snooping into our lives. When these two things collide (as they will in this case when the Government start selling our data), we will be well on the road to a very tricky place.

  2. David

    A single curoiusity, will Tony and his friends and family be happy that all thier records be stored with the masses? After all it’s safe. Isn’t it…?

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  4. I make a rule never to swear in my blog or in comments in other peoples’ blogs; unless I think it is absolutely neccesary. My reply to you, therefore, is; ‘bloody brilliant.’ I am sick and tired of this government infringing my rights to confidentiality, speech and expression. It does cause me distress and I will contact the Secretary of State for Health, and I will also tell him all of the anti-libertarian policies have caused me stress as well. Keep up the good work.

  5. Thanks a million Andrew. Blogging is doing wonders for my stress levels and lowering my blood pressure! 🙂

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