Was that a yawn Mr.Brown..or are you just arrogant? : The Queen’s Speech

Morag is a huge fan of pomp and circumstance. She usually dresses for the occasion and in extremely sad instances has even been photographed in front of the telly pretending to participate. This happens at royal weddings, state funerals and state ceremonies involving foreign dignitaries, especially the Commonwealth countries, those people are so colourful (Morag is allowed to say that sort of thing;) . Of course today found her in full evening regalia with a plastic pearl tiara waiting for The Queen to dispense her yearly wisdom.

Look we all know that The Queen’s Speech of late is pretty much a rehash of whatever old cobblers the government wants to pretend to be interested in. It’s not her fault, as a friend of mine said today she’s ‘a dutiful monarch’ – it’s her duty to deliver and deliver she does. We also know that whatever it says in the speech it’s not going to make a huge difference in the scheme of anything. However that still doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make the proper effort in matters of dress, decorum and deference. *Note to Labour Mps who think it’s ‘cool’ to lurk about acting with the same social nous as those ASBO holders they have so much to say about. Anti-social is anti-social no matter if your socks come from M&S rather than ASDA. Besides you should be careful, all that staying behind shuffling about might end you up doing a Lord Kinnock and then how silly will you feel………..

I know it seems like I am always picking on Gordon Brown, but really I am not. It’s just that he seems to set himself right in Morag’s sights for one reason or another and yawning during The Queen’s Speech is just as good a reason for a tut-tut as any other. There are a group of ladies out there who swear it’s his bedroom eyes that sometimes close while he is making a speech and more often close whilst others whose points of view don’t particularly interest him are trying to make theirs.

Let’s call a spade a spade here. When I espied him yawning today I don’t think he was tired, I don’t think he was bored – I think the man is arrogant. I think he felt that the ‘This Government’ isn’t worth the parchment it’s scrawled on. Tony is yesterday’s news, whatever it is that Tony thinks is a priority isn’t. I’m The Daddy now….you could almost see him checking his watch – probably wondering if he would make it back in time for Loose Women to check up on his constituency.

Mr.Brown might think he’s The Daddy now but I for one plan on keeping a verrrrrrrrrry close eye on how he distances himself from some of the mess he’s been party to landing us in. And be aware Mr.Brown that both of mine are wide open. And when you least expect it you and I are going to have the ‘financial education of the populace scheme’ conversation…………… There’s an old calypso song “Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think….those years go by as quickly as a wink…….enjoy yourself” …………see you soon sweetheart……


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