Prostitution/Politics/Cash for Peerages- the £2,206. solution

I consider myself one of life’s problemsolvers. Bring me a problem and I’m like a Rubik’s cube master (no I do not want to be a Rubik’s cube mistress/person keep all that PC rubbish to yourself – I’m a Rubik’s cube master, anyhow…) clickety-click, clickety-clack and I’ve solved it, from the most complex to the mundane.

However I’m at a bit of a loss about this whole cash-for-peerages thing. We can all climb up as high on our pedestals as we like but let’s face it they’ve always been for sale in one way or another. It’s yet another one of the ways that politics can (when practiced by the ethically-challenged) remind us of prostitution.

Morag used to be acquainted with a few topnotch ladies-of-the-afternoon who plied their trade in Manhattan, Mayfair and the South of France. These young (in the main) ladies (well they knew there way around cutlery and how to get in and out of a limousine with showing anything inappropriate; oh and how to dress for cocktails at Westminster – one of their busiest ports-of-call). They were always quick to explain that they weren’t prostitutes, as they didn’t charge for their services they only accepted cabfare. Just so that you know – the fare for this sort of ride is about $1,000 from one end of Manhattan to the other and from Mayfair to Chelsea about £500.

Cash for peerages………you give me a ‘loan’ and I say thank-you-very-much. I read a book; I go for a walk, I-come -back-and-give-you-a-peerage. Now why would you think those two things were necessarily connected? It’s kind of like you call me up, I come over and have sex with you, you give me cabfare that could take me to John O’Groats and back – are you paying me for sex – of COURSE NOT! Why would anyone think that?

A landlord in Kodikulam, Southern India has come up with the perfect solution to some issues he was having with the local council. He, a gentleman of the higher caste, has bought the president of the council for £2,206. She, a Mrs. Balamani Veeman, is a lady of the lower-caste. Her purchaser, who shall remain nameless, decided it was easier to just buy her, then that way she has to do exactly as she’s told. Pass all the laws that he likes, approve all the deals that he wants – actually quite sensible when you think about it.

Now why don’t we have something like that here………….or maybe we do?


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