“Alright, alright I’m coming!”……Morag shuffles to the door removing 2 meters of gold tinsel and her pearl tiara. Tripping over her new hot water bottle, Tom-Tom, handbound leather journal with her name on the front for her sketches and what must seriously be the most enormous and expensive leopard print handbag ever made she begrudgingly waves goodbye to the holidays………

When Morag was a wee lass, Ruby, the kind lady who was put in charge of deportment and other such matters for Miss Mindbender (mother being too busy being social and arranging flowers), fulfilled her role by filling the child’s head with sayings. One of her favorite admonitions was “If we do that it makes us no better than them….”

The recent execution of Saddam Hussein reminded me of this. Mst Sargeant Robert Ellis, a nurse who took care of Saddam for 19 months, talks of a man collecting crusts from his prison meals to feed the birds and who upon hearing about the illness of Ellis’ brother put his arms around him and said ‘I will be your brother’. We can spew forth a litany of his transgressions, ‘animal’, ‘butcher’ etc. the fact of the matter is that for at least one moment watching the man standing tall while minions in balaclavas scuttled about him you had to credit his dignity. Can you imagine George W.B.’s deportment in such a scenario?

Morag believes the death penalty is wrong. Not wrong when it’s someone we feel sorry for who has been caught dealing drugs in a country that doesn’t show Coronation Street – but wrong period.

This means if it’s wrong for Joe Bloggs then it’s also wrong for Saddam Hussein. In my opinion participating on any level in the execution of Saddam Hussein makes us, as Ruby would say, ‘no better than him’…….and I for one feel ashamed.
A personal safety firm (?) has decided there is a gap in the market they can fill while also performing a social service. There is such a huge problem now with young girls drinking, passing out, not knowing who/what/where they are that the IdentifyMe company has decided that a pretty shiny bracelet with the young lady’s name and her parents’ phone number is the best way to deal with the issue. So with a couple of Swarovski crystals dangling around her wrist young ladies from one end of the country to another are now free to sally forth to the nearest town centre to vomit and disgrace themselves with impunity. Safe in the knowledge that anyone can look at their wrist, read their name and call Mummy and Daddy to come and pick them up and hose them down. Charming, just charming.I guess ‘if you can’t remember your name, your number or where you live maybe you’ve had too much’ is too boring a thought to be considered. Sometimes I despair – but hey as long as this company is collecting their £35 – £70 what matters your daughter’s dignity?


Over the years Morag has assiduously avoided New Year’s resolutions but in the spirit of having a response 12 months from now for Bel’s ‘7Best Things I did this year’ I thought a bit of forward-planning might not go amiss. So this year Morag promises to try to :

1.Dance barefoot in the rain on Dartmoor
2.Finish Immanuel Kant’s – Critique of Pure Reason
3.Squiggle my way onto Question Time
4.Know more of the Bible than I currently do
5.Initiate or participate heavily in a far-reaching social initiative
6.Go to Paris and eat cake

and last but definitely not least………

7.Be more passionate about the things that matter and less passionate about the things that don’t

Let me know your 7 for 07……….



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  1. My major weekly work is with 115 girls. Therefore this:

    “There is such a huge problem now with young girls drinking, passing out, not knowing who/what/where they are that the IdentifyMe company has decided that a pretty shiny bracelet with the young lady’s name and her parents’ phone number is the best way to deal with the issue.”

    was very sad.

  2. They should have killed Saddam when they found him in a hole. Would have been much cleaner and saved many lives.

  3. I agree with you that the execution was wrong, together with the entire media circus surrounding it. I might post on”Sky” tomorrow to tell them I am not watching their channels again until they stop being the TV equivalent of “The Sun” regarding this, showing the clips time and time again. I feel ashamed, too, for one of the hypocritical governments which put SH in power, financed him and kept him there for some years was none other than my own.

    I’ll post my “7” again, as it doesn’t seem to be appropriate to do it now.

  4. Dear James,

    This area is something I try to do a bit of work in. Next month am doing a prizegiving for so called ‘disadvantaged inner city girls who have overcome tremendous odds’. As we all know there are young girls out there doing all they can to break the mold, avoid the stereotype, get ahead. But this business of people saying “Well they’re ALL going to do it so we might as well help out….” I just cannot agree with. 😦

  5. I don’t know ‘City’ – maybe it’s the mum in me but I can’t help thinking “two wrongs don’t make a right”. Never have and never will………….

  6. Dear Miss Limoncello,

    I read a saying somewhere recently along the lines of ‘we’ve never been to war against someone we did not initially sell arms to’ and for me this is a similiar situation. We sleep with these people then purport not to know them. arrrrrrrrghhhhhhhh

  7. Yes, I’d agree on that last point.

  8. dolbyn

    a) doesnt the bracelet defeat the point of trying to chat up a young lady to get her phone number when all you need to do now is look at her bracelet? Plus it makes it easier to find the ones with trust funds 🙂

    b) there are evil men ( and women ) in the world – i think in some cases people forfit thier lives by their actions but i do NOT agree with capital punishment. If it wasnt for the all the hot chicks out there i’d say turn australia back into a penal colony, until then we need to build prisons and maintain them – possibly in Scotland.

    c) my top new years resolution was broken by the second day but I continue to work on it and will until August.

  9. Now who’s being a naughty boy…………

  10. Hello Dolbyn

    I admire your progressive thinking on penal colonies. As a Scottish resident of part of Australia not settled by convicts I suggest you should look elsewhere for your penal colony. How about Sealand, which is currently on the market. Remote and miserable.

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