Gordon, Gordon Go Away……

Despite the name Morag isn’t actually Scottish; but while she does have a penchant for most things from North of the Border, she just cannot seem to come to terms with Gordon Brown. The idea of years and years of this man at the helm is making emigrating and getting a job driving a Lord of the Rings tourbus in New Zealand sound awfully appealing.

I don’t know what it is but whatever this man does lately gets my blood boiling. Am I on my own in this?

It strikes me that he is desperate to be PM and will do/say anything to ensure that it happens. That’s fair enough; Morag likes her politicians to be driven. But somehow there seems to be something just a wee bit smug and fingerwagging about his current conduct. He’s like the one kid who immediately pipes up with “Miss Mindbender I told them not to that but they wouldn’t listen…………” when the teacher returns to an out-of-control classroom.

Yes what we have now is an out-of-control government but who has been front and centre all this time but one GB? But all of a sudden ‘It wasn’t me Miss Mindbender, honest!’ Look Gordon no amount of “I’ll give everybody a Ferrari if you all play nice’ is going to work. We are not children and we are not stupid. ‘More power to Parliament and the people…’ a blatant ploy to get the disenfranchised on side.

Mr. Brown is basically saying ‘You come play with us and I promise you too will have power’. Reminds me of those American High School films you see where some mophead stands up and offers the studentbody ‘no homework, no exams and beer in the vending machines’. ‘The state as a servant state (?)’, ‘The government working for the people’. We can see who would have flunked Politicking 101, ‘never underestimate the intelligence of the people you are trying to woo’.

I for one find this blatant pandering offensive. But then again Gordon you would never get my vote any way so I guess you can just carry on as you’re going. In the meanwhile those of us who are interested in a radical change of government need to make it our business to oust this man by whatever means necessary. The hair-on-the-back-of-the-neck-o’meter is working overtime. Sit back and allow him in because ‘there is no other viable alternative’ or ‘our man isn’t ready yet’ and we will rue the day. Tony Blair might not have been everybody’s cup of tea but this one is an altogether different and more dangerous proposition – ignore that fact and we will live to pay the price.



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6 responses to “Gordon, Gordon Go Away……

  1. The man just bores me silly and that is sin enough, to my mind.

  2. Oh I am sooooooooooooo with you on that. One can forgive just about anything but boredom 🙂 But have you not been told that we are supposed to vote for him because he is handsome and dashing? That’s the problem with us modern women – we have the temerity to vote for reasons more complex than whether or not we would want this man to father our children. The men were right – there was always going to be trouble once we were allowed out of the kitchen 🙂

  3. A general election is on the way.

  4. There are politicobloggers [and I include most of the boys here] and then there’s you. I like your refreshing way of putting it about our Gordon. Heaven help us.

  5. By the way, how’s your mouth? I don’t know if it’s oil of cloves but we ahve all these grasses [in Russian language]. Hope one of them’s … er … grass. Evening’s coming on here now and so is the pain again. Have to go and try to reduce it. Good luck with yours.

  6. Dear James,

    You and TD had better be careful or I might actually think it’s ok that I’ve snuck in to play with the titans 🙂

    Hope the teeth have improved – if you get desperate late at night I crush 2 ibuprofen in an inch of orange juice, knock it back and jump into bed with the pillow over my head 😦

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