The Big Brother Beastlies versus The Bollywood Beauty

One hundred years ago – or so it seems – I sat down to watch Episode One of a new series that was about to begin on Channel 4 called Big Brother. The idea was that it would be social experiment to observe what would happen if you put a group of strangers together in a controlled environment, and a la George Orwell’s 1984 – you watched them 24/7. There is no point in dissecting what has happened since our version of Big Brother started, let’s just say ‘it was a good idea that went awry’.

For various professional reasons too complex to get into right here right now Morag has watched a lot of BB. Then a couple of weeks ago the decision was taken Chez Mindbender that enough was enough. And why? Well for exactly the reasons we are seeing now. I was becoming ashamed.

Watching BB had become a furtive activity involving watching God-awful people being beastly to each other and whipping the nation into a frenzy to do the same. As per usual Racism and Bullying are the words being trotted out by all and sundry – and Morag would bet the farm that the production company is behind a lot of this furore. I was at a business luncheon today with media (as in telly) folk and they were tut-tutting about how the media (as in newspapers et al) were being led on a merry dance by Channel 4 and the production company Endemol. They had a show that no one (in numbers terms) was watching – so they have fanned the embers into a roaring flame and presto they add a couple million viewers overnight. Some of the tabloids are now hellbent on convincing us that India is about to declare war on England over the treatment of their fair maiden – guaranteed ratings will continue to rise through the roofs. And THAT’s the problem.

Let us be clear. There is some SERIOUSLY appalling behaviour going on in there. As one who watched BB for years I can say that there always has been some sort of appalling behaviour going on in there.

But this is different because this is embarrassing. The behaviour of the three lasses in question – and the ‘gentleman caller’ of one of them, is a reflection of a certain segment of UK society and seeing it blown up on screen for The World to see is shameful.

What our English Roses are doing is showing an ignorance, lack of tolerance and downright lack of manners that would put anyone to shame. Yes we don’t know these three. We are not their friends, their parents, their partners but we are their countrymen, and rest assured these girls are quite indicative of the mindset of many of our young people. One of them was Miss England, one of them is rated the 25th most influential person in the country (or so she says), the other is one of our premier popstars. These are whom our youngsters are idolizing and this is where we have to worry. These are the sort of people who are achieving celebrity, money, adoration, and fame. These are whom our boys and girls are emulating. Thick, mean, ignorant and unkind – is this what we want our children to aim for? We have got to reclaim our image from these ‘folk’.

As Shilpa (The Bollywood Beauty) said today “I am representing my country. Is this what today’s UK is? Scary….”

…oh the SHAME !!!



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54 responses to “The Big Brother Beastlies versus The Bollywood Beauty

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  2. dolbyn

    To me what is happening in the house is bullying and culturalist. I make the technical destinction because i think the insults being made to shilpa are focused on her cultural differences.

    Effectivly culturalist and racist insults are interchanged, and that in itself is because both are founded in part by ignorance and generalization.

    People have different coping stratagies for dealing with fear and the unknown, so maybe the key to getting rid of racism and culturalism is not to ban or drive underground such behaviour but to teach people and in particular the next generation that differences are there to be understood and apreciated not to be used as the basis for insult.

    There will ALWAYS be people that are different, because of colour, background, age, sex, sexuality and we will always use those differences to identify people, that tall man , or the black guy or the fat woman. Using such simplistic descriptions may be acceptable at pointing people out in a crowd provided we dont then assume that is them fully defined or pigeon holed.

    Personally i am glad that bb is actually contributing to healthy discussion in the county – i hope isnt quietly forgotten the week after jade leaves the house.

    we live in a suposedly multi cultral society – personally i’de like to live in a society which respected cultural identity and background but equally encoraged national and neighbourly pride as a society.

    Finally I am disapointed by is the death threats against jade or hatred – i’m reminded of the un censored video that i HAVE seen on the internet of sadams hanging.

  3. “One of them was Miss England, one of them is rated the 25th most influential person in the country (or so she says), ”

    I think 25th least influential. Surely!

  4. What is it with this show? Every single blog [almost] is going on about it.

  5. James

    I think there must be a lot of sad lonely lives out there, that Endemol would like to tap into. Morag seems to have the right attitude. Don’t watch it. It is rubbish and needs to be treated with contempt.


    This is indeed ugly stuff and to say anything else would be a lie. Very well written piece. It is easy for me to not watch it here in Adelaide. I can’t claim any moral high ground.

  6. I agree with you. I am hoping this is the end for BB.

    Can everyone just watch eastenders again…

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