The Cripple, The Bleach Cream and The Fat Girl

A Tory activist, John Hawkesworth, has been called on the carpet for an email he has sent describing the local Labour Party chair as ‘the cripple’ and ‘a reptile’. He has been told that his comments were ‘obviously offensive’. He has been ‘rebuked’ and he has ‘accepted that it is inappropriate’. Well that’s that sorted then! He, a grown man, has had his transgressions pointed out to him – his hand slapped and The Naughty Step pointed out to him. I’ll bet he’ll never make that mistake again – now that he knows it’s not nice to refer to people by their physical afflictions or blood temperature. Who are we trying to kid?

Big Brother debacle ends with Jade Goody (who has always been accused of having that appalling condition ‘diarrhoea of the mouth) coming out and saying she was being racist and she was/is really sorry. Should we be upset that while the newspapers were hollering ‘Hang the B***h’ (or close enough) many of them didn’t think to mention that Jade was mixed-race. Yes that doesn’t preclude her from being racist but it ups my platform of More Likely Just an Idiot.

Or should we have been told earlier that one of the reasons the most fragrant Shilpa was accused of that most heinous of crimes’ wanting to be white’ was actually because she was applying bleachcream to her face. Why on earth anyone would do such a thing while being watched by millions is beyond my ken. And let us be clear that Morag is not unfamiliar with the product as she has been asked on fair few occasion ‘you are such a lovely shade do you use bleachcream’ – for the record the answer is no.

Izzum-it is continues………On Friday, in the line of work, I met a girl who has lost almost 11 stone in weight. She stood up in front of a roomful of people and talked about what she used to experience when she was heavy. Strangers would come up to her on the street constantly telling her that she was a disgrace, repulsive, gross and nauseating. Imagine what this feels likes when your issues from food stem from being sexually abused as a child and feeling the need to build a physical barrier to protect yourself from invasion.

In any given day without too much effort in the UK and all the other countries that we all hail from – you will see examples of Race-ism, Sex-ism, Size-ism, Class-ism – and about a million other –isms. In fact the problem is that we have become so used to people passing remarks about others that we barely blink an eye any more. To call someone a cripple is rude, hurtful and cruel. To call someone poppodum would not bother me in the slightest – however being told that I was repulsive because of my size would. As would ‘you just want to be white’ – which I have been told on countless occasions. It’s unpleasant and seriously doesn’t feel very nice. And for the record – I don’t. So whom do we blame for the current state of affairs? Why is it getting worse? How come despite all these Commissions for This That or The Other it’s not getting better?

Possibly because too many of the people ‘in charge’ of what we wash our brains in have a limited agenda. Channel 4 wanted to make money. I had a conversation with a respected tv-producer this morning who said what should have been done was those three girls should have immediately been called into the diary room, hauled up by their bra-straps and read the riot act. But Endemol and CH4 had a dull series that no one was watching, let’s spice it up and it got out of control.

Let’s hope and pray that this bites Ch4 right where they have been needing to be bitten for a long, looooooooooong time now. A lot of their programming is splendid but shows on the benefits and joys of sex with animals, How-to play Russian roulette, the beyond shocking Shameless and the soon to start inexcusable childporn that is Skins needed to be taken off the air. And if this Big Brother debacle does that then it’s all been worth it.

But beware of those who point the finger as well. I read in the paper today ‘someone’ explaining that all this had happened because of a group of young white men at Channel 4 – for the record the last time Morag knew of it the person in charge of BB for CH4 was not young, not male and not white. Those that purport to protect us often have agendas themselves.

So here we are – a world struck by an epidemic of Izzum-it is. Everywhere we turn someone is either doing it to someone or complaining it has been done to them. What do we do? Answers on a postcard……..Morag’s thought?…. ‘do unto others as you would have done unto you’ – it works for me!



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9 responses to “The Cripple, The Bleach Cream and The Fat Girl

  1. dolbyn

    Ok now before i try and respont lets just point out that no matter how vile dannielle is, that you mentioning her bra straps is quite a distracting train of thought – but i didress.

    How to solve? there are no simple answers but i have a suggestion.

    Teach children to debate at school. To understand that being right or wrong is less important than understanding BOTH sides of arguments. To teach people that sometimes there are no absolutes. Seriously – as well as english and maths – teach debating from primary through to university.

  2. Yes, well that can bite you in the bum as well 😦 I ‘suggested’ that my son join the Debating Society when he recently started secondary school and he now has an answer/argument for every darn thing. And he’s already winning his points. Ah well, it will do him well in the long run…………but me, not so well.

  3. Perhaps they should be taught how to debate at primary school, as well as secondary school, in a fun way, of course. Then it could be stepped up a notch later on. It’s an excellent skill to have. I applaud your young lad Morag.

  4. Basic Communication Skills – would be a heck of a lot more useful than most of those ‘let’s go away and sit in the woods’ management courses people get sent on nowadays.

  5. Nowt wrong with your communication skills, Morag. Excellent post.

  6. I have two reactions. If what they said to me was reversible e.g. I could lsoe some weight, then I’d try to. If what they said was irreversible e.g. lack of good looks, then I say: ‘It speaks volumes about you as a sad person and absolutely nothing about me. I feel so sorry for you.’

  7. Thanks TD – that means a lot. Went shuffling in the park today and feel totally useless so if I can’t be the next BusPass Kelly Holmes then at least I can carry on half a conversation…… 🙂

  8. James that reaction could have knocked me over with a feather. Look at it again…….do you honestly mean that if some ill-mannered stranger came up to you and said, errrrm I don’t know…”you really look a fright in that Daffy Duck t-shirt” that you would go home and bin it? Never mind if someone who doesn’t know you tells you that you need to lose weight (or anything else). What the h-e-hockeysticks business is it of theirs? It really bothers me that we have become such appearance fascists that there is only one acceptable way to look and if you don’t fit in those parameters then it is completely ok for all and sundry to come in and trample your daisies. Meanwhile they would never consider telling someone to pick up rubbish they’ve dropped or ask someone to stop cursing in front of your children – but ‘you’re too fat’ is ok. Maybe society needs a rethink. Of course I am not suggesting we all get like me who recently upbraided a youth who was playing a mobile video of a young lady performing bedroom antics on his person to his ‘friends’ in a Quiet Car on the train…….

  9. Joe

    How bizarre. First time I check your site out I see two odd coincidences.
    1. I have just left a site I post at, where John Hawkesworth posts also.
    2. On Friday I met, for the first time- let me get this right- my best mate’s brother’s girlfriend’s niece (few degrees removal there). She had been abused from age 12 up by her stepfather- a heartrending story.In fact it affected me so much when she told me the story that I lost my usual party going, attention hogging, hedonistic drive for the weekend. David tells me to stop thinking about it- other people’s grief is not mine- but I can’t help thinking even now of the utter evil that some people live through. Fair play for helping people with stuff like that. Maybe you could give me some tips- she seems to have part taken me on as a shoulder to cry on.

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