Beware the Man Behind the Screen – Gordon Brown comes out of the shadows

Sigh………I guess promising the Universe that I would be a good girl and eat my spinach if it would ‘just make that man disappear’ didn’t work. OK then fair enough I’ll have to put some elbow grease into this then.

‘I do not believe politics is about celebrity’………is like when I make comments along the lines of ‘only girls with loose morals go topless’ – in other words it’s not that I really believe such a thing, it’s that I know I can’t play the game that way so I try to change the rules to suit. We live in a media-driven world and while the majority of us wish it wasn’t so – it is. If you are a politician you need to acknowledge the power of ‘presence’. Of course politics is not about celebrity but ignoring that the playing field now has different obstacles to navigate is like people who say ‘I don’t have a mobile phone because I want to rule my own life’. Grow up. The best way to win the game is to play it from the inside and beat them at their own rules.

‘Put citizens in control’………….once again the metaphor of the not-too-popular kid running for school election who in a desperate attempt to gain power promises beer in the soda machines and smoking in the playground. Citizens who want to have some ‘control’ know that it involves raising themselves up off the sofa and shuffling (or powerwalking) down to the polling booths…..but of course Gordon isn’t going to be encouraging that wee activity anytime soon.

Much has been made of his image. There is a contingent of persons (mainly female) who are ready to anoint him LL Cool G (in homage to the 80’s rapper LL Cool J which stood for Ladies Love). Personally I don’t get it but as he is quick to point out – and I am quick to agree – it’s not about his sex appeal (or lack of it).

However it is about his personal appeal. It is about how we react and respond to the man. There was an interesting woman on the news tonight who advises politicians and other folk on how to make themselves more accessible to all and sundry. She pointed out that the smile really needed some work. Personally I would rather he not do it at all – it scares me and reminds me of ‘come into my parlor said the spider to the fly…’ Miss Body Language and Presentation Advisor was saying that there is nothing more off-putting than a fake smile and that he needs to learn how to be happy on the inside so that his smile is genuine. Hmmmm if I were he I’d be happy as Larry. And for those people who keep harping on ‘but he’s so lovely when you see him talking to children’ – fine, then let him be a primary school teacher. While the likes of George Bush do appear to have the emotional intelligence of the shortpants brigade the fact of the matter is that I for one am extremely uncomfortable at the thought of being led by a man who only comes into his own when talking to 10 year olds……

For all the people who complain about the money that Labor did NOT spend. And all the taxes they did collect. And all the services that went down. And all the people in need. What do all those things have in common? Money. Who was in charge of the kitty? Gordon. So what, is he now going to have a total change of heart and decide that maybe it is a good way to spend money after all – these issues that he wasn’t willing to cough up for before will suddenly be worthy? Give us break. And this is probably the biggest reason to vote Conservative – if you really want a change. Gordon Brown, and I’m trying not to be pessimistic here as it goes against my nature, will bring us more of the same if not worse.

He wants to ‘put the citizens in control’………..fine……….the citizens (at least a fair few of us) want a General Election. You’re so confident in yourself then let us have a chance to confirm your mandate. Come on be a brave boy and put our money where your mouth is……….



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11 responses to “Beware the Man Behind the Screen – Gordon Brown comes out of the shadows

  1. Ray

    A brilliant article, more remarkable by the fact that you managed to get to the penultimate paragraph without mentioning the man by name. The dark references to ‘he’ throughout your article … enough to chill the blood of the citizenry, if it weren’t chilled enough already at the thought of this man taking office.

  2. dolbyn

    i still feel sory for the man – short of mirical his party cannot win the next election and win or loose his party will turn on him just after. Its like he has an incurable desease and everyone knows his time is limited.

    Reading between the lines i get a vague incling you dont like the man, i dont know enough about him yet to agree or disagree, but i do feel sorry for him.

    I suspect that those that want a conservative goverment cannot aford to be soft on him, wether it be the wrongly assumed kinock corination or the numorous conservative near misses, if the masses assume an outcome they may change thier votes or may not even vote at all.

    Come voting day whenever that may be I think that everyone has a responsability to vote for what they want. Not for who they like dislike or feel pity for.

    I want a hung parlement so for myself i’ll be voting libdem. wether that changes between now and any election time will tell.

    I trust you dont have the ‘hump’ with me for my humour or compassion 🙂

  3. Great post. This sham of wanting to get the people involved really grates on me. It sounds as phoney as it is and will be forgotten about as soon as the Gorgon is in power. On second thoughts he may well have even more focus groups than they’ve been having hitherto and then we’ll really be in trouble.

  4. You’re right, it’ll be just more of the same. We do need a general election.

  5. Dolbyn – Morag doesn’t ‘get the hump’ – what a vile expression! Besides I am used to you being an old softie and you make me laugh enough to forgive all transgressions – even liking Gordon Brown 🙂 It really isn’t about liking/not liking though. I am not looking for a New Best Friend (I’d head for Wee Willy H if I was). So maybe ‘like’ isn’t what we need to be thinking of, maybe it’s about trusting, feeling comfortable with, feeling the person can do what needs to be done. And that is the problem for me, I have no faith at all that he will be able to what needs to be done on most levels. Please don’t feel I am wishing him ill, I would be very pleased to be found wrong – just don’t think I will.

  6. Dear Richard – The other thing that worries me about this ‘let’s all get involved’ business is how many people fall for it 😦

  7. SS – So what do we do? How can we campaign, whine, beg, plead, throw a wobbly – to get a General Election?

  8. Morag, the getting involved thing has become in popular parlance, ‘lets engage’ with people. It’s a very subtle form of subversion in that people want to feel they are being listened to so when a politician says it people naturally want to believe it. For me I’d quite like a dose of good ol’ fashioned leadership, but I won’t be holding my breath!

  9. Dear James – Am more-than-slightly confused. Is that a typo? Did you mean ‘GROW UP!!!!’ 😦 Or did you mean ‘Fer heavens sake woman why don’t you grow up?’————- If it is either of those, sadly it doesn’t seem possible. I am too far past my majority to contemplate a radical personality change at this point. If we are asking Gordon to grow up……..well last night’s CH4 documentary showed us that’s not going to happen anytime soon…….

  10. Enlightening post. Interesting blog. I shall return. I was directed this way by james over at “Nourishing Obscurity”.

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