Mediocrity For The Masses

……“It was not their irritating assumption of equality that annoyed Nicholai so much as their cultural confusions…they seemed to confuse standard of living with quality of life, equal opportunity with institutionalized mediocrity, bravery with courage, machismo with manhood, liberty with freedom, wordiness with articulation, fun with pleasure – in short, all of the misconceptions common to those who assume that justice implies equality for all, rather than equality for equals.” (Shibumi)

Am I the only person who feels this is an unerringly accurate portrayal of where our society is headed?

When I heard the new blah-blah that maybe children shouldn’t be raising their hands in class I went ballistic. Apparently some Bright Sparks/Nitwits have decided that if you’re too shy to raise your hand then you won’t get anywhere in life. Therefore we need to ‘fix it’ so that no one has to inconvenience themselves – after all we all know that in life if you sit indoors with the curtains drawn the world will come and beat down your door to entreat you to share whatever your pearls of wisdom are. For heaven’s sake!

Gordon’s crony Education Secretary Alan Johnson has said: “This practical report takes hands-on learning from the classroom about strategies that work, and gives that knowledge back to the front line. We need to make sure that no-one is left behind at any point — from the most gifted and talented children at the top of the class, to the quiet child who is well-practiced at hiding from the teacher’s gaze at the back of the class.”……… I was actually thinking of running a competition to find a more idiotic collection of sentences anywhere in this week’s news.

Life is not equal. We’re not all equal. Some of us are shy; some of us are backwards about coming forwards. But you’ve got to make a choice. You’ve got to learn that if you want to be noticed, acknowledged, create a role for yourself – you ‘raise your hand’. The concept of encouraging this kind of ‘nobody raise their hand’ nonsense is enough to ensure that Mr. Johnson must be relegated to the minor leagues. I don’t know who these people were developing their ‘strategies that work’ with but we should be about building confidence in our children and teaching them to be comfortable and proud of their abilities NOT encouraging them to hide behind the bookshelf because someone will come and find them. The world doesn’t work that way.


One of the things one realizes as the years go by is that anything the mind of man can conceive or believe can be realized. No matter how daft, how outrageous, silly and plainly pointless an activity could be, somewhere there are a group of folk indulging in it. That’s all well and good though until it involves my hard-earned money.

Today we find out that all the work we’ve done from the beginning of the year to now has pretty much gone to taxes. This is one of those bits of information that I could really have done without hearing.

Especially today when I found myself at the local chemist counting out pennies to pay for my NHS prescription. Usually I have no problem paying for my prescriptions (financially) – but somehow there seemed to be a temporary blip in the coffers. Though if I am honest my rage today was emotional more than financial.

A couple of days ago I came across an article saying that the NHS is now doing a booming trade in genitoplasty. Ladies are now getting bored with the normal run-of-the-mill plastic surgery i.e. breast augmentation, nosejobs etc, and their choices for surgery are now moving ever southward.

In 2005 the NHS performed over 800 of these operations which was double what it had been a few years before and the estimates are way higher now in 2007. For those of you who aren’t familiar with what this procedure is then I would suggest google ‘genitoplasty’ – even Miss Mindbender is a bit too ‘shy’ to discuss the intricacies of it here. Medical procedure? My posterior! The common reason that the NHS is accepting to grant this operation is ‘inability to ride a bicycle’, ‘inability to wear tight clothing’. Fill in your own response to this……………………… I’ll bet some of the pensioners who are being denied hip replacements will be thrilled to know that people are taking our hardearned money to ‘tidy themselves up’ so that they can ride bicycles and wear tight clothing. If you want to pay for such things yourself then who am I to stop you, but my money cannot, should not, be directed towards such procedures.

When I was sitting there today counting ‘six pound eighty one, six pound eighty two…’ I thought of where the money is going and it made me frustrated, angry and sad. I wish I had some words of wisdom or solace as I like to end on a happy note, but maybe I am finally running out of steam.



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10 responses to “Mediocrity For The Masses

  1. dolbyn

    Agreed on the madness of trying to level everyone, in reality this only happens for those who cannot afford to rise above it. So what actually happens is that you make it harder for people to rise above their station and keep the status quo. A cynic might observe that those with the greatest motive for that to continue are those at the top.

    As for operations down below I consider it much like the trend of removing a grasssy lawn from ones front ( and sometimes back) garden, and replacing it with a driveway or patio, or worse still decking. Ok it may look tidier and be easier to wash down after your mates have been over on a drunken night, but it doesnt really have any character, its just the same look that you’ll find in a range of glossy magazines at the newsagents.

    Finally its ironic that you end with a comment related to the NHS, a system created to try and bring a common level of support to the masses. A system thats terminally abused. A system that shows even if you try and create consistancy it will either be opted out by those that can afford to or abused by those that would otherswise be censored.

    But lets not be pesimistic. BB has started so we have 12 weeks of watching people being debased and feeling superior to them. 🙂

  2. As usual you manage to get to the heart of what I was really trying to say. Thank heavens for at least one of us having a clear head. Maybe we should swap roles. You do a blog and I will comment 🙂

    Actually don’t think I will be BB’ing it this year. I watched them going in and my heart dropped. Think I’ll give it a miss 🙂

  3. Deep. I’ll have to stew over this one, Morag. meanwhile … don’t forget to get those nominations in for the Blogpower Awards – vote early and vote often!

  4. …maybe I am finally running out of steam.

    That’s how the bastards will get us in the end. The socialist, busy-body, dumb-down, lefties aim to sap our resolve with 10,000 measures – each pushed upon us “for our own good”.

    When there remains no critical mass of critical thinkers, the socialist project will complete its work.

  5. Don’t run out of steam! go have a nice cup of tea. I am in agreement on the education issue. Some years back the American schools in a very upper class neighborhood in the South decided that competition was a bad thing, that bad grades made the children feel bad, so they eliminated them. What?! Competition is bad? Someone call Darwin, someone else call whomever it is that runs capitalism, and get that person a reality check. I think you SHOULD feel badly when you get bad grades, then if you want to feel good – get better grades. I came to this data from one of the mothers whose head exploded at the news and she pulled her four younger children out of the non-competitive environment and home schooled them.

    I think all that I have to say about taxes going for plastic surgery in ‘that’ area is not fit to read.

  6. You think well and write well. A rare combination. Please keep writing!

  7. regarding “equality”:

    “equality of opportunity” can make good sense (laptops for the poor and rich schoolkid equally…); but striving for “equality of outcome” at all costs seems pointless, as you aptly point out.

    also, a question, if i may…

    the movie “sicko” (which i heartily recommend) has the potential to create a discussion of health care in the us-just in time for the election.

    the movie describes the nhs as an example that the us might emulate.

    which leads to my question: what should an american about to enter this discussion know about the nhs from an actual taxpayer/consumer’s perspective?

  8. now I’ll stay in touch..

  9. Should public money be used to reward healthier lifestyles? Is becoming healthy something people should already be doing anyway? What’s the best way to promote healthy living?

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