“Au revoir! Auf wiedershen! Arrivederci!” What A Difference A Decade Makes

For a week now I have been trying to figure out how to begin my Tony-bye-bye. Ten years ago I was Labour – now I am not. Ten years ago I was optimistic about the future – now I am not. Ten years ago I really did believe ‘things would only get better’ – now…………

There are many out there (almost anyone) who will be more competent and eager than I to trot out the list of every promise made and not kept; every transgression committed. The habit of grinding someone into the dirt with the alacrity we so often demonstrate here when one has fallen can now continue and shift into high gear. However I would consider myself being untrue to my principles if I did not take this opportunity to thank Tony Blair for much/most of the past ten years. For whatever his ‘faults’ and mistakes he, at least initially, brought a wave of hope to a political climate that most sorely needed it. Yes he may not have accomplished what he set out to. Yes he will be held responsible for much that is wrong. But he did try and I for one, while understanding why he had to go, will miss him.

But ‘what now my love’…………

I am a new Conservative – no not due to Tony Blair as an individual but more down to recognizing the Labour Party as a group I was no longer willing to be associated with. In the main I began to find them ill-mannered, in the main ill-advised but most of all, in the main mind-bogglingly ill-equipped for the job. And now we have Gordon Brown. In my opinion: extremely ill-mannered. Often ill-advised and with what appears to be a stunning lack of interpersonal skills and an inability/disregard for opinions other than his own…….. ill-equipped for the job of Prime Minister.

There was a fascinating programme on television a few nights ago about a reporter trying to gain contact with Gordon Brown. Very telling that one of Brown’s minions said ‘I don’t even get to talk to him’. Put that together with Michael Portillo saying earlier that when he was the Shadow GB wouldn’t talk to him either. This repeatedly is the theme – a man who ignores others. Doesn’t bother to pay attention therefore unable to respond when called upon. Very insightful story came to light recently of Gordon Brown at a meeting in Europe where he said his piece then removed his headphones and did ‘busy work’ while everyone else spoke. When called upon to respond he was of course unable (as he hadn’t been listening) so he just repeated his original diatribe in answer – surprise, surprise his answers didn’t match their questions. It will be interesting days indeed now that Our Gordon has to move from the autonomy of his fiefdom into the no-holds barred arena. He might have been able to ignore folk before but those days are over.

Bring on a General Election!

*Morag shuffles off to make badges and posters. Just one problem, whose name shall we put on them…………



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10 responses to ““Au revoir! Auf wiedershen! Arrivederci!” What A Difference A Decade Makes

  1. dolbyn

    following my habit of commenting befor i’ve read the whole thing let me just say i trust you can be optimistic about the future. wether you are optimisitc or not wont change fate but a positive outlook can make the experiance more bareable. 🙂

    ( pulls funny face to cheer morag up )

  2. dolbyn

    am sure that somebody famous once said it better than this, but i think sometimes the man defines the role, and sometimes the role defines the man, i suspect the former was true of tony and that the latter will be true of gordon. Where we will be in 10 weeks, 10 months or 10 years remains to be seen, i trust i will still be enjoying morags writings and i trust that britain one way or another will have turned the corner from remembering it was once great to aspiring to be so again.

    As for names, at present it would be ming for me, not because he would win but because am not sure i can bring myself to vote for either labour or tory at present.

  3. Phew! For a mment, I thought you were saying goodbye to us. Don’t frighten us.

  4. Morag, I understand you have some issues on commenting at Blogpower. This is because we ahve to transfer discussion up to fresher posts every so often, otherwise it gets unwieldy. We’re trying to decide some vital issues at this moment but only 7 or 33 members have commented. Could you see spare a little time making your point of view known on the issues currently being discussed at Blogpower? Comment on the current post if you would. James

  5. Morag, dear,

    It is Wednesday and I have only 14 votes from 49.

    If you’re thinking of waiting until the last minute, may I beg you to reconsider. Though we gave a date of Friday evening, the longer our members refrain from voting, the longer we are preserving the agony.

    May I humbly and respectfully ask that you don’t let it go that long but get your vote in soon so we know what is happening?

    Yours, James

  6. having experienced several years of a leader who does not listen well to others; i hope mr. brown somehow works out better for you than our current “one voice only” leader has.

  7. dolbyn

    where have all the good bloggers gone? i read the other day that more people left the uk this year than since records began


    i trust morag is not one of these and that if she has left this emerald isle that she will continue her blogging along her unique travels….

  8. dolbyn

    seriously morag – your blogs and tales of lands afar or even northern england are missed.

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